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Title Card Color Crush Creative Course Seascape Escape

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The Seascape Escape acrylic painting course teaches you everything from color mixing and composition to how to paint mini seascapes and scale to larger ones! Build a strong foundation in art while learning to paint something really fun - dreamy beach scenes in vibrant and muted colors. Just imagine your grid of tiny seascapes emerging after painting blissfully in this ease to follow art course!

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Let's Play with Color! Take a ride through the rainbow and experiment with dozens of fun mixed media techniques. Learn how to mix the rainbow from just 3 tubes of paint so that you can begin creating any color you see. Loosen up your approach to making art so that you can arrive in your art space with more enjoyment. Gain confidence in core art skills, like color theory and techniques so that you can paint with ease and joy.

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Title Card Color Crush Creative Course Color My Life
Title Card Color Crush Creative Course The Layered Page

Layer upon layer of paint, paper, marks and rich texture.
Enjoy the process, turn your results into a layered art journal. The perfect mix of play and experimentation for all levels of artists.
New to art? Maker your whole life?
This is the perfect course for everyone to let out their inner Muse and make something Timeless.

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If you've always wanted to push yourself into a more expressive style, then learning how to paint abstract florals is the perfect match for you. Wild marks, Scribbles, color studies and permission to explore without purpose. After we have let loose, I will help you harness all those ideas to make well-composed  paintings that radiate color and motion. In this dynamic course, we hope you are guided as you discover your creative calling and learn how to express it to the world.

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Title Card Color Crush Creative Course SuperBloom
Title Card Color Crush Creative Course Lush Landscapes

Lush Landscapes will take you on a beautiful Mixed Media Journey to explore abstract landscape through collage, acrylic, mark making, and all the layers you've come to love from Kellee Wynne's signature layered techniques. We work small on paper all the way up to large canvas paintings. Learn ways to begin your work and incorporate a multitude of techniques into one work of art with results that are exciting, playful and completely satisfying to get lost in.

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Designed so that even a brand new artist can approach art making with ease and the experienced artist can discover something new about a lesser used medium, The Magic of Oil Pastels is a course that has something to offer every artist. Let loose and learn to scribble again, with lovely painterly results. Using just a few supplies and some good tips, you’ll be on your way to painting with oil pastel.

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Title Card Color Crush Creative Course Magic of Oil Pastels
Title Card Color Crush Creative Course Deck of Dreams 365

Experience a whole Year of Simple but Meaningful Creativity! Deck of Dreams 365 is a playful outlet for all artists and art curious people. With an amazing community, monthly inspiration and fun bite sized mixed media lessons, it's one thing you'll find easy to fit into your schedule. Something you get to do just for yourself.

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