You are a creative person, that is why your desire to paint keeps growing.

You can begin painting today and it’s not as hard as you think!

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 Seascape Escape is an easy step-by-step class to teach you how to paint abstract cloudy seascapes.

This is an excellent place to begin if you're new to acrylic painting and want to learn more about your materials.

It's the easiest way to learn how to begin and end simple landscape paintings! 

How do they do it?

How can an artist just pick up a brush and turn paint into puffy clouds and deep oceans? 

        Why does acrylic painting look so easy but seem so hard when I actually put paint to canvas?

Is it going to take a lifetime to figure this out?  No!

Let us Show you how in:

Seascape Escape T

We start with the modern primary colors: cyan, yellow and magenta and learn how to mix up a rainbow.

The color wheel may seem like an elementary project, but it is a great eye opener to how colors work together. After you have the foundation of color down, we will begin working coast to coast on color schemes for different beach and seascape atmospheres.

Take your new found knowledge of color and paint and apply it to mini canvases.

You get a series of tutorials that build your knowledge of composition and design so that you can begin creating your own set of seascapes to hang on the wall, stack, add to your shelf or give as gifts.

In addition, these concepts are reinforced with additional videos of scaling the mini paintings to larger canvases. 

And because there are always extras with Kellee Wynne Studios, we have two complete bonus videos of a color mixing lab with an art journaling lesson.

  • Which acrylic paints will work best for the type of art you wish to produce.
  • How to start a painting so that the idea in your head is realized on the canvas.
  • Why your colors turn to mud and how to keep them vibrant instead.
  • Which brush strokes will create the best results for the ocean, sand, and sky?
  • How to blend the paint so it looks painterly like oil paints.
  • Which brushes work best and how to keep them clean.
  • How to make your colors pop and dance on canvas!
  • When should you call a painting finished and when you have gone too far?
  • How to work from your imagination to create a modern beach scene?
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14 Lessons with Over 4 Hours of Content 

Support in our private Facebook Group 

PDF Instructions & Printables 

BONUS Course: Foundation Essentials

Get started today with instant access to over 4 hours of HD video hosted on an easy to use platform. Once you've registered, this video series is yours to watch, re-watch and enjoy for as long as you'd like.



When you enroll in Seascape Escape, you get:


A complete supply review to familiarize you with materials covered in the course and great alternatives so you don’t have to buy everything.


Introduction to Modern Color Mixing - using only 4 tubes of paint, Primary Yellow, Primary Magenta and Primary Cyan plus white, you will be able to mix a rainbow of colors and complete the color wheel.


Lessons specifically to show you how to mix ocean inspired color palettes using our 4 tubes of paint. It's like paint alchemy seeing the new colors come alive!


Alternative color options to expand your color sensibility for seascape artwork.


Complete painting tutorials that explore color, composition and design for landscapes and seascape paintings, including how to paint mini seascapes in a series.


Printable content including color guides and copyright free images.


Here at Color Crush Creative we take our art as wildly playful, but our customers seriously. All our courses are backed by a 14 days guarantee. If you don't love it you can request a refund. In fact, if you have any questions, concerns or technical challenges, just reach out to our amazing team and we'll be there to guide you.

If you have more questions about this course, the benefits of Color Crush Creative as your creative inspiration outlet or how Kellee Wynne and her team will serve you, please jump on over to this link:

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Seascape Escape T

When you enroll in Seascape Escape, you get:

14 Lessons with Over 4 Hours of Content ($195 Value)

Support in our private Facebook Group(priceless)

PDF Instructions & Printables ($35 Value)

BONUS Course: Foundation Essentials (Over $150 Value)

Regularly $99


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