Capture the Magic: A Journey through Abstract Landscapes

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It’s that time of year again…

Autumn is here…The leaves are beginning to change colors in this corner of the world.

Autumn is here and the landscapes around us are transforming into something else that is bold and new, but comforting and familiar all at once. This is the inspiration, the muse, for lush landscapes.

Assorted painted papers with textures and landscape marks

When we say Lush, we are talking about layers…pieces…mixtures. Combining all your favorite marks and textures and colors until a story appears. Sometimes a lush landscape can be d…

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More Than Mixing: Let's Analyze, Inspire and Explore!

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Discover True Colors in your art.

Every palette has a story. And the only way to know how color works is to learn what happens when you mix the colors yourself. You see color differently when you harness the power yourself. Imagine what that does to your artwork.

 Here’s what we are talking about today… how to analyze your art, inspire your art, and explore all of the possibilities at your fingertips. 

Paints, Mixed Media, Art course

When we talk about analyzing our art, we are talking about what it means to YOU. Does the…

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You're Invited to: Color My Life

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Hey there… Have you considered ways to bring color to your life today?

We want to let you in on a little secret…Anyone can make a rainbow! Do you want to create every color you see? 😍! You can mix the rainbow from only 3 tubes of paint.

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Introducing: Color My Life. Let’s start loosening up our approaches, and finding out how to create a rainbow and arrive in our art spaces with more passion and enjoyment!

We have created this course so that you can:

  • Gain confidence in core art skills (l…

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Color for the People: 4 Easy Color Tips

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Did you know? You can mix the rainbow from 3 tubes of paint and you can create any color you see!

Color is not mysterious.
It's not a secret that all artists are hiding from you. Color is not hard to master. Color is for Everyone!
Have you explored color theory? Here are some core art skills and techniques to help you paint with ease and joy.

Take the mystery out of color mixing so you use less paint, and spend less money.
Fall in love with color theory so that you never fear making palette …

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Overcoming Common Challenges for Artists

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The Answer is Simply to Make More Art

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How do I find my voice?

How do I make time for my art practice?

How do I decide what to focus on?

How do I become confident with my art?

These are 4 of the most common challenges that artists are talking about, so here are some personal answers that have helped - because we have all been there! So, let's share our ideas, help each other, and learn from each other!

1 - How do you find your voice? Practice practice practice. Take time for what is goi…

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