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Break out your beach chair and let your oceanic adventure begin...
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Seascape Escape is an easy step-by-step class that will have you diving into the art of acrylics, and creating coastal masterpieces with moody clouds and stunning seascapes. 

In this simple and easy-to-follow course, Kellee guides you through everything you need to know about acrylic materials, starting and finishing simple landscape paintings, and unleashing your creativity onto the canvas! Whether you're new to acrylics or you're a seasoned artist looking to expand your horizons, this course will take you there.

Maybe, you've always wondered...

  • Which acrylic paints will work best for the type of art you wish to produce?

  • Where to start when you're staring at a big, blank canvas?

  • Which brush strokes will create the best results for the ocean, sand, and sky?

  • How to make your colors pop and dance on the canvas?

  • When should you call a painting finished and when you have gone too far?

  • How to work from your imagination to create a modern beach scene?

Get ready to demystify the ocean, just grab your painting supplies, and let's get started!

Seascape Escape by Kellee Wynne Studios (8)


Lessons specifically to show you how to mix ocean-inspired color palettes using our 4 tubes of paint. It's like paint alchemy seeing the new colors come alive! Plus, alternative color options to expand your color sensibility for seascape artwork.


Complete painting tutorials that explore color, composition, and design for landscapes and seascape paintings, including how to paint mini seascapes in a series. Unlock a world of captivating techniques and master the art of abstract cloudy seascapes. Once you're in, you're in for good – watch, re-watch, and ride the waves at your own pace! 



With over 4 hours of HD video hosted on a user-friendly platform, a Facebook community to share your journey with, and PDF instructions and printables, this course is one of our favorites. Don't let this opportunity drift away – seize the moment and dive into Seascape Escape today! 🌊🎨

Seascape Escape