Find Your True Colors: 10 Questions for Artists

Find Your True Colors Blog Post

Who are we as artists?

Finding this answer is the secret every artist wants to figure out. After reading all kinds of books, spending a lot of time online, and grilling artist friends, there has only been one common conclusion. *You must do the work.* Ask yourself this question today, and again in a year, then again in 20 years. Only time spent creating will help you reveal the mystery.

As artists, we hear these competing ideas over and over again - "Just pick one thing and you will be successful" or "Just paint from your heart and it'll all fall into place." But for most of us living within these parameters, it seems nearly impossible. Where is the sweet spot where we have focus and yet still find freedom in our creations? If you listen to your intuition you will know you are on the right path. When the light sparks inside you, it's telling you YES! This is what you are meant to do. That is why we are here...to discover your True Colors and help you stay true to yourself.

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Chances are that you didn’t just wake up one day and decide to be an artist. Being an artist is truly a calling. You’ve probably already started down the path and have a general idea of what you want to do. Now it’s time to FOCUS and challenge yourself. Start by making art… and then make more art. Yep, this is where we are beginning. Pick a goal for yourself, is it making 100 pieces of art in 100 days through a challenge? Is it picking up a paintbrush at least once per day (even if you just sit with it)? Whatever your goal is, just don’t stop. 

Choose your medium - Maybe you already know you want to be a watercolor artist or an oil painter. Maybe you've been an active artist for a while but you want to try something new. Whatever you do, pick one of your interests that excites you enough to stick with it until you finish your goal. 

Choose a size - Let’s be realistic, you don’t have to eat the whole whale all at once. It might just be best to go smaller, something under 12 inches. This is your project, follow your instincts about what you need to learn.

Ask for help from a mentor - This might be the hardest part, but there is no point in doing something if you are not growing and improving as you go and you must get feedback if that is going to happen. Join a group, ask a friend, or take a class (like the course True Colors!), but you must show your work to someone and learn how to improve on what you are already doing.

Repeat - Does it feel right? Are you excited about what you are doing? Does one idea lead you to the next? As soon as you are comfortable with what you are doing, challenge yourself again! Start at step one and begin again.

To move forward as an artist, we need to take a step back and look at all the elements as a whole package - or our “True Colors”. What’s better than making a good list of the whys, whats, and hows? Grab a Your favorite pen and piece of paper and ask yourself 10 questions to start thinking what are your true colors as an artist. 


1. Why am I an artist in the first place?

2. Why is it important to me to create artwork?


3. What things have I always been drawn to my whole life?

4. What techniques do I love to use?

5. What were my most successful works of art?

     a. through the eyes of the public (by sales or comments)

     b. to my soul as I created it (you know that feeling when it happens) 

6. What experience do I want my viewer or collector to have when they are in the presence of my work?


7. How does my work make me feel when I look at it?


8. Do I want to create for the process only or do I wish for a financially rewarding career?

9. Do I want to be in galleries or do I want to do the work myself and sell direct?

10. Do I want to teach others or do I wish to create alone? Or do I just want to have fun with it? ;)



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