Fake It Till You Make It!


That’s basically what I’m doing. I keep putting myself out there, out on a limb and fully exposed. But I keep thinking I’m just a poser, I have no clue what I’m doing and I’m standing here half naked at that. Who am I to call myself an “Artist?” A “Writer?” Struggling, aspiring, wishing, taking baby steps - maybe I’ll concede to that. I’m comfortable with “Dreamer” because I wouldn’t be doing any of this if I weren’t at least a little delusional! But “Positive Thinker?” I've been called out on that one before….but then I asked myself, what have I been putting out to the world through my writing? Do I remember what I've been saying? But I realize that saying and doing are two different things.

Does it count if I keep telling myself it’s true? If I believe in my mind’s eye that I am THAT person, do I eventually become that person? If I walk the streets of Giverny and breathe the air heavy of oil paint and turpentine will it move my hand to paint? If I read a wicked smart news article by Marc Morford, could I churn out something half as witty, poignant and well-read? If I watch TED Talks, and read the Dalai Lama’s daily update on Facebook, will I have a brighter outlook? There must have been a spark somewhere along this path I’ve been walking to cause this kindle of hope that I could one day be THAT person. Maybe something in my cloud of dreams that keeps pushing me to take on the challenge even when I feel like I am still floating around trying to figure it all out. But it’s ok, I’ve got a plan. I’m going to “Fake it till I make it.”

Are you with me? This is only just the beginning. It’s a wild ride that could end up anywhere and I would love to have you with me as the story unfolds. You can follow me on my FACEBOOK PAGE or follow by subscribing to my email list, COLOR FOR YOUR INBOX. Don’t hesitate to share the love and share my blog. The larger the audience I have the more pressure I have to come out of the clouds and land on solid ground. To fake it a little less, and make it a little more.

Jan 2012 (archives of mylifewithmonkeys.com)