Full Circle


Artist Kellee Wynne Conrad

I made a promise to myself. A commitment of personal growth, of significant change. One fall afternoon, more than three years ago, I made a decision to put aside my crafting hobbies in order to pursue my dream of being an artist. I made the announcement and posted it publicly and then set out to make good on my word.  It didn't happen all at once. I didn't get to jump right in. But between sorting laundry and sorting out my priorities, I began building a future in art.

The idea has been with me since childhood when I would illustrate my own stories or draw ideas for new toys. And in high school where I would skip class to hang out in the art room or spend my summers in and out of all my artist neighbors’ studios. I almost made plans as a young adult to rent a cottage by the sea and paint my life away, but I had a different destiny at that time. All those dreams got packed away as I carried on with my life. And if it weren't  for this beautiful life I am living right now, the dream would not have come full circle. The opportunity and desire would not have presented itself once again.

And, yet, here I am…one step at a time down the long road, slowly but surely keeping my promise to myself. I have painted, I have submitted, I have put my heart into this and now I am ready for the world! Or at least my corner of it…In one year I have been featured twice at The Circle Gallery, put together and curated three shows for West Annapolis Artworks, been commissioned to create several big paintings and landed a contract with Maine Cottage, a national furniture company to sell limited edition gliclees on canvas. And finally, I have met with a curator from New York City and been offered a three week show in the heart of the city this October with my new wild abstract floral series. 

I am so humbled and honored by the support I have had to get to where I am now and grateful for those who would continue to see me achieve my dreams. Thank you for taking the time to be a part of my life and my journey. Thank you for the opportunity. It’s truly wonderful to be able to create and share it with you. Now it’s time to go and MAKE MORE ART!

originally posted February 27, 2013 on mylifewithmonkeys.com