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Meet the Artists of VAS 2022 and the Classes They Will be Teaching!

kellee wynne VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page

Kellee Wynne Conrad


Since founding Color Crush Creative, I have been on a journey to understand color inside and out. In my lesson I invite you to take a peek into my new published book, Mixed Media Color Studio, and learn about my Five Principles of Colors in this fun tutorial exploring a limited palette and creating variation  and interest with a focal color in this art journal exercise.

Ardith Goodwin VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page

Ardith Goodwin


My artwork is a fusion of figurative or non-representational abstraction, narrative, and dynamic movement paired with a fascination and love of complex systems and details. Transparent layers, with an emphasis on color stories, are also two distinct elements that she uses to build her own visual language and style.

Catherine Rains VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page

Catherine Rains


Intuitive mixed media collage that is deeply connected to a higher source. I describe my process as allowing a higher power to create with me and through me.  The resulting artwork then becomes our greatest teacher, delivering a message from the wisest part of who we are

Jane Monteith VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page

Jane Monteith


I'm a self taught artist, online teacher and entrepreneur, with a passion for collage. I create my work with unique handmade textures layered and finished with resin. My inspiration stems from nature, interior design and modern day structures.


Julie Hamilton VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page (1)

Julie Hamilton


My artwork is based upon creative play and exploration. I love the mixing of colours, mark making and finding shapes. I love the intuitive process and the unknown - that is what excites me. My artwork is layered with hints of previous thoughts and actions peeking through. It is playful. It is inspiring. My hope is that it will make you want to pick up a paintbrush or scissors and start creating.

Julie ValentineVAS 2022 Profile Sales Page

Julie Valentine


My art work is a meditation and a place where I find joy. My process involves gathering up my favorite art supplies, giving space to the creative process and following the impulses that move me. Over time I've learned to listed to my intuition and choose colors, patterns, images and textures that bring me JOY. When I surround myself with inspiration, the process of creating in my art journal becomes a dance that always yields unexpected results.

Karen Stamper VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page

Karen Stamper


I work in mixed media, combining found papers with layers of painted tissue and acrylic paint to create a vibrant integrated surface, I can create a patchwork of places. memories and journeys, all bonded together; some fading, some peeling, some permanent. The slick, the shiny and new makes little impression on me; it is the worn, weathered and once loved that catch my attention.

Kiala Givehand VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page

Kiala Givehand


My art is how I process what I learn about myself. It's where I give myself permission to feel joy no matter what else is happening in my world or in the world at large. I am a Double Capricorn with Leo Rising -- Earth x 2 and Fire! I've always felt drawn to earthy colors and deep hues with layers of depth. These colors speak to my soul!!

Laly Mille VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page (1)

Laly Mille


My art has always been poetic, feminine, very layered and slightly nostalgic. It’s always about connecting to a sense of wonder and harmony, a magic that comes from deep within. Sometimes, it’s all about neutrals, other times more colorful, but it’s always filled with light. I always end up using a lot of white!.

Lily Sol VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page (1)

Lily Sol


My creative practice often includes playing and discovering something new in my art journal. I’m always finding inspiration in the things, places, and people that make me feel comforted. I try to include my love for nature and goddess vibes in my artwork to make it feel more personal.

Manaz Raiszadeh VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page

Manaz Raiszadeh


Art Is My Way to Share a Bit of Myself with the World and to Show Gratitude to the Universe. Acrylic Paint, Oil Pastels, Paper Scraps, Crayons, Charcoal Mediums Assist Me to Share My Art. I Enjoy the Natural, Unexpected and Flexible Aspects of These Mediums. I Am Blessed to Create Daily from My Home Studio. Painting Connects Me to the Universe and You Can Never Be Connected Enough.

Mary Beth Shaw VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page (1)

Mary Beth Shaw


I am a mixed media abstract painter and move from spontaneity to intent with my work. I rarely start with a plan other than a feeling or a thought or even a word. I stay loose and allow myself to play for several layers until the painting tell me more, then I approach with intent.

Mati Rose Donough VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page (1)

Mati Rose McDonough


I'm an Abstract artist with a background in illustration. When creating Ocean paintings, I try to mimic the push and pull of the tides and the beauty of the power of crashing waves.  Using unconventional tools like squeegees & credit cards as my primary painting tools, I am trying to create delicious texture and movement inspired by the ocean and most recently my travels to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Megan Woodard Johnson VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page

Megan Woodard Johnson


I combine vintage paper ephemera, paint, various drawing media and found objects to create heavily layered abstract paintings with bold color, strong composition and rich detail. In this lesson, I investigate how my trademark materials and mark making style have evolved over time, and encourage you to look back at your post work to discover the same.  

Natalie Dadamio VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page

Natalie Dadamino

I would describe my style of artwork as fun, colorful, energetic, daring, edgy, raw, and free. There is a child like wonder and spiritual nature, yet at times a more primal energy presents itself through my many mixed media explorations.
We will be using Visual Mining to investigate and hone in on what lights you up!

Nino Yuniardi VAS 2022 Profile Sales Page

Nino Yuniardi


My love of food and curiosity in visual language lead me to a study of color, texture, and forms inspired by food—Mix them up as if they are different people. Arranging materials, colors, forms, and compositions to invoke contrast and harmony. It’s about taking a lighthearted approach to the injustice and pain when people treat those who are different from themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Have Access to the Content?

If you purchase the Summit you will have lifetime* access to VAS 2022  and can download the content if you wish.

*Lifetime means for as long as the School is in business. ;)

For further info about our terms of use that were agreed on at checkout, you can find it here, section 2.4

Do I need a special program to access the materials?

All you need for this course is a device such as a laptop, tablet or phone and an internet browser (we recommend Chrome).

How much time is required?

Each video tutorial is between 30 to 40 minutes long. They are perfect to watch at any time during the day to get a quick lesson completed and then turn the new knowledge into action. The goal is to be as creative as possible and you’ll be wanting hours in your studio by the end of this!

What kind of support and feedback is available?

We always are happy to offer email support for tech and account access at 

In addition we have a private Facebook group that you can join to meet up with other artists and ask questions about the courses.

Is everything available immediately?

The course lessons for this previous Summit will be available immediately.  Once you register the class your login details will be sent to you within the hour (make sure to check your junk and add to your contacts list). 

Can this be accessed without the internet?

To access this class you will definitely need internet access, however as a bonus for the deluxe package we provide downloadable files for each of the lessons so you can watch offline later.

I don’t have many art supplies. Can I still do these lessons?

Absolutely! While Kellee always has her favorite supplies, we want you to be open and adaptable and use what you have. We will always provide alternative and affordable solutions. A proper list with links will be provided as soon as you register for the course.

Having said that, it is advised to have 4 tubes of heavy body acrylic paint to practice color mixing: Primary Magenta, Primary Yellow, Primary Cyan and Titanium White. Kellee prefers Golden Paints, but you can adapt to whatever brand fits your budget.

Here is are most of the supplies that will be used in this art course: Heavy paper, like watercolor or mixed media paper, color pencils, water soluble graphite, watercolor paint, oil pastels, stamp carving supplies or stamps, stencils, gel printing plate, brayer, various paint brushes, a palette knife, gel medium, and paint pens.

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