Virtual Art Summit 2020


The beginning of something wonderful. Our first  Summit in 2020 was in response to the pandemic and global shut down. 16 artists pulled together video tutorials and we got it all online in lesson than a month. Instead of charging we decided to open the Summit for donations to pay what you could afford and turned those donations into scholarships for online courses with Kellee Wynne Studios. We ended up supporting 18 artists scholarships at $350/each including an art supply package worth $150 bought from a small business.

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Meet the Artists from VAS 2020


KEllee wynne VAS 2020

Kellee Wynne Conrad


Since founding Color Crush Creative, I have been on a journey to understand color inside and out. In my lesson I invite you to take a peek into my new published book, Mixed Media Color Studio, and learn about my Five Principles of Colors in this fun tutorial exploring a limited palette and creating variation  and interest with a focal color in this art journal exercise.

Alexandra Plim VAS 2020 (1)

Alexandra Plim


I am an expressive abstract artist, based in Sydney, Australia. I love to paint! I paint intuitively with acrylics and mixed media, whatever I can get my hands on basically! My work is energetic and playful, using colour, texture and bold marks to add drama and movement. 

Ange Miller

Ange Miller


I am an internationally collected Australian artist with a deep passion for aesthetic adventure and getting to the heart of Creativity itself.  I'm suitably excited to share my journey with you, whether it be in the form of creative community, unique art for your wall, sharing in my blogs or in reviving your own creative cycle through my Ink Art Workshops or Masterclass.

Becca Bastian Lee (1)

Becca Bastian Lee


I'm an Annapolis, Maryland based painter, photographer and creator.  I attended the Maryland Institute College of Art from 2004-2008, graduating with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in Art History.  Since then, I've taken on various jobs including toy designer, children’s book illustrator, and high end photography editor.  Through all this, I continue to draw and paint in my “free time”. 

Betty Franks Krause VAS 2020

Betty Franks

I was born in Toronto, Canada and raised in San Jose, California. I'm a self-taught abstract artist who started painting when I turned 50. Although it seems late in life to take up painting, the timing was just right for me. After a long career in customer service management, I was ready to unleash my creative side.

Donna Mulholland VAS 2020

Donna Mulholland


I love to create happy, colourful abstract art. My secret weapon is freedom and my current media are acrylic, fiber (mostly wool) and collage. My approach to art is intuitive and expressive, pushing the limits of paint, wool and paper to follow my adventurous soul in vibrant colour.

Jeanne Douglas VAS 2020

Jeannie Douglas


My paintings are full of expressive, abstract expressionism with loads of vibrant color, playful strokes, joyful energy and emotion that celebrate my love of nature and the magnificent landscape that surrounds me everyday. Through my art, I aim to tell a story of my love of the great outdoors.

Kelly Hoernig VAS 2020

Kelly Hoernig


I have been an artist my entire life. It started with that wondrous box of crayons and today it is still challenging me to grow, discover and explore anything that fascinates my creative side. I love nature, chipped paint and vintage game pieces. Literally find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. 

Kim Smith VAS 2020

Kim Smith


I’m filled with calm as cheery, vibrant colors radiate from my brush while the strong morning light shines on my canvas. Between running a business and raising a family, I discovered that if I rose before the sun, I could sit at my easel with a brush in hand and time would stop. Now, I complete one painting almost every day and I’m not sure how I ever lived without it. 

Leah Nadeau VAS 2020

Leah Nadeau

I’m known for overcoming a lot of hardships in life, but still being optimistic and full of laughter. I use art as therapy and see my purpose in life to entertain and uplift others.  I want my paintings to reflect and inspire people to embrace their whole selves. My vivid color stories reflect the independence and vibrance of stories meant to be told paired with stillness and strength in shape and lines. 

Lisa Concannon VAS 2020

Lisa Concannon


Playful color combinations, energetic brushstrokes, and extravagant texture best describe my art aesthetic. Whether it be my florals and landscapes in acrylics or my elaborately colorful watercolors,  My focus is on delighting the eyes of the viewer with uplifting, otherworldly compositions.

Megan Carty VAS 2020

Megan Carty


 My abstract expressionist paintings are infused with a powerful sense of beautiful chaos in a spirited palette of bold fresh color pairings found in two diametrically opposed places- the fashion runway and magical Mother Nature. I want to deliver uplifting energy to your well-dressed walls! 

Melissa Doty VAS 2020

Melissa Doty

I am a lifelong doodler who began drawing and creating with purpose in 2016. I am self-taught and work primarily with watercolor and acryla gouache. I love patterns, florals, and contrasts – but most of all, I strive to infuse my work with feelings of joy and wonder. I consider it the greatest compliment when a collector says, “Looking at this just makes me happy.”

Pamela J Bates VAS 2020

Pamela J. Bates


I think of myself as a soul-fueled artist, explorer and creative catalyst. I work in acrylic, watercolor and mixed media and almost always start my paintings with one of my favorite supplies - a No. 2 pencil.  My art is informed by the natural world around me and the small moments that make life beautiful. An abstract expressionist at heart, I enjoy exploring all facets of art.

Priscilla George VAS 2020

Priscilla George


I'm a nature and animal artist based out of Maryland. Growing up in New Hampshire has contributed to my love for the outdoors and wildlife. With bright vibrant colors, I seek to capture the beauty of our world using gouache, watercolor, and acrylic paint. I attended Maine College of Art in Portland Maine and graduated with a Horticulture Degree from Palo Alto College. you can find my work  in galleries and stores across the US. 

Roben-Marie Smith VAS 2020

Roben-Marie Smith


As tech-savvy artist, instructor, and woman of faith, my mission is to serve others and help them get the most out of their art as a hobby, or as a business. I have been a working artist for the last fifteen years, and am self-taught, so I believe that anyone can cultivate their creative spark. I’ve taught mixed media art workshops and retreats across the U.S. and my work has been featured in countless books and industry magazines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Have Access to the Content?

If you purchase the Summit you will have lifetime* access to VAS 2020  and can download the content if you wish.

*Lifetime means for as long as the School is in business. ;)

For further info about our terms of use that were agreed on at checkout, you can find it here, section 2.4

Do I need a special program to access the materials?

All you need for this course is a device such as a laptop, tablet or phone and an internet browser (we recommend Chrome).

How much time is required?

Each video tutorial is between 30 to 40 minutes long. They are perfect to watch at any time during the day to get a quick lesson completed and then turn the new knowledge into action. The goal is to be as creative as possible and you’ll be wanting hours in your studio by the end of this!

What kind of support and feedback is available?

We always are happy to offer email support for tech and account access at 

In addition we have a private Facebook group that you can join to meet up with other artists and ask questions about the courses.

Is everything available immediately?

 Once you purchase the course your login details will be sent to you within the hour (make sure to check your junk and add to your contacts list). 

Can this be accessed without the internet?

To access this class you will definitely need internet access, however as a bonus for the deluxe package we provide downloadable files for each of the lessons so you can watch offline later.

I don’t have many art supplies. Can I still do these lessons?

Absolutely! While Kellee always has her favorite supplies, we want you to be open and adaptable and use what you have. We will always provide alternative and affordable solutions. A proper list with links will be provided as soon as you register for the course.

Having said that, it is advised to have 4 tubes of heavy body acrylic paint to practice color mixing: Primary Magenta, Primary Yellow, Primary Cyan and Titanium White. Kellee prefers Golden Paints, but you can adapt to whatever brand fits your budget.

Here is are most of the supplies that will be used in this art course: Heavy paper, like watercolor or mixed media paper, color pencils, water soluble graphite, watercolor paint, oil pastels, stamp carving supplies or stamps, stencils, gel printing plate, brayer, various paint brushes, a palette knife, gel medium, and paint pens.

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